Assist professional nursing staff by performing duties in caring for residents at facility. Work under the supervision of professional nursing staff.  Duties include but are not limited to:  transport, bathe and dress residents, comb hair, clean teeth and nails, provide assistance with toileting, make beds, assist in feeding, following executed resident care plan and provide safety, comfort, and well-being for resident.

The person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current existing federal and state regulations and established company policy and procedures.


License/Certification/Registration:  As required by State and Federal law

Continuing Education:  As required by Federal and State law, including in-service training programs.

Education:  Minimum of a high school diploma (or equivalent) and completion of the state-approved training program.

Experience:  Previous experience in health care facility is preferred.

Job Knowledge:  Knowledge of procedures and techniques involved in administering simple treatments and providing related bedside resident car services.  Understanding of standard techniques used in providing personal services for residents and in caring for equipment and supplies. Good understanding of basis of asepsis and sterile techniques to avoid infection of residents and self or contamination of equipment and supplies. Be aware of the assessment process, and the development and execution of care plans.

Standards:  Perform duties in accordance with established methods and techniques and in accordance with recognized standards.  Provide maximum resident care services within limits defined by delegated tasks.

Other:  Exhibit genuine interest in residents, patience and professionalism while interacting with residents, families, visitors; initiate and good judgement in recognizing symptoms indicative of resident adverse reactions to treatments; and a willingness to perform a variety of job related directives.

The following are essential functions needed to perform job requirements:

*Ambulate and transfer residents utilizing appropriate assistive devices and body mechanics.

*Routinely turn and position residents.

*Make beds every day, changing linens per facility policy and as needed.

*Measure and record residents’ height and weights.

*Take temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure as directed by the charge nurse.

*Care for incontinent residents

*Measure and record residents’ intake and output as directed.

*Collect specimens as directed.

*Assist resident in all activities of daily living (ADL’s).

*Pass out trays and feed/assist resident as needed.

*Observe and document food nourishment and fluid intake as directed.

*Keep assigned resident bedside area clean always and personal belongings in an orderly arrangement.

* Assist with development and review of the resident care plans in conjunction with nursing and other disciplines.

*Ensure resident privacy, respect and dignity.

*Assist in orientation of new nursing assistants.

*Participate in all mandatory in-service education programs.

*Exhibit and perform handwashing techniques.

*Maintain proper infection control procedures when handling clothing and linens.

*Detect, correct (if possible), and report to the charge nurse any unsafe conditions which may result in bodily injury.

*Receive oral reports and written assignments from charge nurse at beginning of each tour of duty.

*Provide maximum resident care services to assure well-being of resident at all times.

*Execute duties and responsibilities in conformance with established routine.

*Assist with execution of resident assessment and plan of care.

*Assure physical comfort, safety and mental well-being of residents.

*Assist in daily requirements and tasks in care and treatment of resident such as toileting, grooming, bathing, feeding, dressing, assist in transporting residents from area to area, responding to call lights, etc. . .

*Detect and correct situations that have a probability of causing accidents and incidents to residents.

*Observe and report symptoms, reactions, and changes in residents.

*Possess knowledge of procedures and techniques.

*Understand standard techniques in personal service-care of residents.

*Be aware of sterile procedures and avoid contamination.

*Immediately answer the resident call-light when activated.

*Encourage and motivate residents to participate in recreational, occupational, and physical therapies and other rehabilitative measures to promote activity of mind and body.

*Foster self-respect and esteem by recognizing, accepting, and respecting those entrusted to his/her care.

*Clean and use equipment and return to proper place after using.

*Check residents according to plan of care to verify they are clean and have no outstanding needs.

Work Area and Environment:  Nursing department, resident rooms, supply room, nursing station and throughout facility as needed.