Under the supervision of the Director of Nursing, render nursing care to residents; observe and report symptoms and conditions; take and accurately record temperature, respiration, pulse, and blood pressure; prepare and administer medications and record reactions, maintain records reflecting the residents’ conditions.  Follow the assessed plan of care for resident.

The person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current existing federal and state regulations and established company policy and procedures.


License: Hold a current and unencumbered license in this state as a registered nurse.

Continuing Education:  As required by Federal and State law to retain license, including in-service training programs.

Education:  Must be a graduate of a state approved school of professional nursing.

Experience:  A minimum of 6-months of long term care experience is preferred.

Job Knowledge:  Nursing policies and procedures, administration of medication, federal and state laws and regulations relative to resident care, and facility policy and procedures.

Standards:  Professional standards and the code of ethics must be adhered to always.

Other:  Exhibit genuine interest in residents, patience and professionalism while interacting with residents, families, visitors; initiate and good judgement in recognizing symptoms indicative of resident adverse reactions to treatments; and a willingness to perform a variety of job related directives.

The following are essential functions needed to perform job requirements:

*Responsible for nursing care of assigned residents.

*Recognize changes in conditions of residents during his/her shift.

*Supervise resident-care personnel during shift.

*Prepare and administer medications and treatments.

*Supervise diets and fluid intake.

*Chart medications and treatments according to procedure.

*Ensure rehabilitation nursing procedures are performed.

*Maintain charts during shift

*Verify inventory of drugs covered by Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

*Participate in staff meeting as needed.

*Consult with supervisor and/or Director of Nursing when necessary.

*Supervise certified nursing assistants in performing duties by checking his/her work to verify assignments are being completed.

*Administer injections as ordered.

*Ensure individual Resident Assessment and Comprehensive Care Plan is followed.

*Transcribe physician orders

*Assist in writing and updating Resident Assessment and Comprehensive Care Plans as resident’s condition changes with assistance of interdisciplinary team.

*Receive or make telephone calls to the physician and resident family members.

*Order medications according to physician orders.

*Be sensitive to families and respond in an appropriate professional manner.

Work Area and Environment:  Nursing stations, resident rooms, supply room, medication rooms and throughout facility as needed.